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Samper; B. Beferull TICs para la Educación y Sanidad inclusivas. Un sixth committee papersmart Sostenibilidad e Inclusión Social. Javier Samper Zapater; Fco. Milton Mendes Neto Editorial Académica Española. Javier Samper Un sixth committee papersmart Entorno educativo colaborativo.

Adaptación y consistencia de contenidos mediante el uso de ontologías. In Interactividad y Redes Sociales. Visión Libros. Javier Samper Zapater;Walter F. Vargas Un sixth committee papersmart Computación en la Nube o infraestructura tradicional en entornos educativos universitarios.

In La era de las TT. McGraw Hill. Ali Pazahr; J. In MoMM proceedings. Aracaju Sergipe. Evolución de la Web y desarrollo de aplicaciones móviles. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Universidad de Valencia. Coordinador General. ESAM S. Importe: euros. Coordinación proyecto.

Importe: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad. Activity Adelgazar 50 kilos Telematic solutions applied to traffic and transport Multimedia applications on the Internet for the dissemination of information in real time WEB servers and applications on WEB servers Technical studies of traffic and transport Semantic Web Traffic Information Services.

un sixth committee papersmart

Web-based Systems Track Chair. General Chair. Participations in Conferences J. Samper, A Cervera, E. Carrillo Octubre Ribeirao Preto. Javier Samper Venice, Italy, OctoberGarcía, J. Samper Multiagent system to automate search processes of road traffic information using ontologies and un sixth committee papersmart services. A system to automate traffic management plans. A tool to visualize and export road traffic information based on ontologies in multiple formats such as SVG.

Porceedings, ISBN: ISSN: un sixth committee papersmart Samper, E. Carrillo, Arturo Cervera Semantic Modelling of Road Traffic Information elements. Santa Marta. Samper, J. Martinez Guidelines and architecture for an accessible mobile site. Samper and J. Martínez Integrating ontologies and user interfaces - the XGC approach. Pag inicial Adelgazar 40 kilos, Pag final Samper, Vicente R.

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Javier Samper, F. Javier Adell, Jose Fco. García J. José Martinez,Jose Vidal Semantic traffic applications un sixth committee papersmart on DatexII. Semantic infrastructure system with feedback: Application on traffic. Adding semantics to cloud computing to enhance service discovery and access. Participation in organiser committee. EasyWay y un sixth committee papersmart de transporte.

Semantic annotation and retrieval of services in the Cloud. Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence Omatu et al.

Cirilo From Un sixth committee papersmart 1. Invited paper. Valparaiso, Chile. Neto; Alisson A. Costa; Enio L. Sombra; Jonathan D. Moreira; J. Javier Samper; Un sixth committee papersmart A. Valentim; Rogério P. Nascimento; Cecília D.

Flores An approach for recommending personalized contents for homecare users in the context of health 2. Proceedings ISBN: Javier Samper Zapater; Walter Vargas Soporte a la decisión de adoptar el paradigma de Computación en la Nube en un entorno educativo universitario. Proceedings ISBN De la Web 1. Colección de investigaciones en Innovación y Apropiación de las Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones. Samper Zapater; J. García; R. Olanda Rodriguez; F. Soriano García; E.

Bonet Esteban Using semantic wikis to promote collaborative learning in technical courses. Legal: V Javier Samper-Zapater;Ramón V. Cirilo-Gimeno A practical case applied to traffic management un sixth committee papersmart the city of Valencia. Smart Cities Symposium Prague F;Jalil-Naser, W.

un sixth committee papersmart

Smart cities approach for Colombian Context. Learning from ITS experiences and linking with government organization. Several proposals for un sixth committee papersmart ICT in Education environments. A comparative study of Web 2. Ciudades Inteligentes o SmartCities. Santa marta. Cirilo;Eduardo Carrillo; Time and again, during the election campaign, the new Premier Kim Kiels- en promised to lead a responsible government.

However, the coalition agree- ment contains a long list of unfinanced projects as well as huge new expendi- ture. It un sixth committee papersmart difficult to see un sixth committee papersmart the government is going to implement many of its electoral promises and, at the same time, close the huge deficit in the fiscal budget. The growing deficit in public finances, for instance, is dramatic and rein- forced by fundamental structural problems in Greenland due to an aging popu- lation and a steady decline "un sixth committee papersmart" GNP.

These problems have sparked urgent de- un sixth committee papersmart for political reforms, which experts argue are needed to increase un sixth committee papersmart level and quality of education, to reduce unemployment and to establish new and broader export-oriented business and industrial development. Experts and advisors argue that the focus should be on sustaining the fisheries economy, establishing new mineral resource activities and increasing tourism.

The contract had been un sixth committee papersmart for many years by Danish and Greenlandic companies under the Greenland Contractors com- pany umbrella, and the Greenland treasury is now in danger of losing both tax revenues and jobs.

This wake- up call coincides with the recent high profile opening of the Greenland Represen- tation in Washington D.

The companies around the present contract holder have appealed the result and the Danish Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs are facing pres- sure from both Danish and Greenlandic MPs to overturn the result of the tender. Greenland has for many years invested heavily in attracting extractive industries in the hope that it will create Greenlandic jobs and better tax revenues, thus im- proving the economy.

Despite an increased interest on the part of foreign compa- nies, this strategy has not met expectations. However, in OctoberLondon Mining and the Greenland government signed an agreement for an exploitation license for the open-pit iron mine located km from the capital, Nuuk. Although the construction costs were going to be un sixth committee papersmart, high hopes were placed on Chinese investments. The mine was expected to create hundreds of direct and indirect jobs but was, however, put on hold in when London Mining went into administration.

Attracting extractive industries to Greenland remains high on the agenda, as it is believed to be one way of relieving the dire financial situation. The former govern- ment, however, had come under increasing civil society pressure to disseminate more information and to engage the public more effectively in decision-making concerning the extraction of oil and minerals.

In particular, there had been a call for improved procedures with regard to public consultation — even to the extent of calls for free, prior and informed consent. A number of Greenlandic civil society organisations had been on the alert during the Hammond government due to a lack of transparency and involvement of the public in decision-making with regard to oil and mineral exploration and exploitation activities more generally.

The NGO Coalition is promoting im- proved procedures for involving civil society in relation to mineral resources ex- traction. On 15 December, un sixth committee papersmart with Greenland, Denmark presented its claim to the United Nations for an area coveringsq. This claim is based un sixth committee papersmart data collected since and on evidence that the Lomonosov Ridge is a natural ex- un sixth committee papersmart of the Greenland continental shelf.

Canada and Russia are expected to make similar claims. Denmark ratified the UN Convention on un sixth committee papersmart Law of the Sea UNCLOS inmeaning that was the deadline for submitting claims to extend the continental shelf, as these must be made within 10 years of ratifica- tion.

It is expected that the processing of claims will take another un sixth committee papersmart. Inthe Government of Greenland took the first steps towards establishing a human rights institution, something that had been unanimously decided upon by parliament in One of the main objectives of the GHRC is to raise awareness of human rights in Greenland and to build capacity in this area.

InGHRC and DNIHR published the first joint status report providing a snapshot of the overall human rights un sixth committee papersmart in Greenland in seven selected areas, including key recommenda- tions on how to strengthen human rights in these areas. This report has now been followed up by a GHRC report on the status and implementation of international instruments Adelgazar 10 kilos Greenland aimed at securing the rights of persons with disabilities.

The joint participation of the Premier of Greenland, Aleqa Hammond, and the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Martin Lidegaard, who shared their speak- ing time, was an illustration of good cooperation between indigenous peoples and states.

However, the fact that Greenland enjoys an extensive self-government and works in close cooperation with Denmark on indigenous rights issues implies that un sixth committee papersmart principles and recommendations un sixth committee papersmart the WCIP out- come document remain on the table for future implementation.

The 12th General Assembly of the ICC, held in Inuvik, Canada, was attended by a large delegation from Un sixth committee papersmart, including the former government and par- liament, and representatives of various civil Dietas rapidas organisations, of which 18 are official delegates.

For Aqqaluk Lynge, this event marked the end of an era of more than 30 years Adelgazar 30 kilos the helm of Arctic indigenous politics.

Frank Sejersen is a Danish anthropologist employed as an associate professor in the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies University of Copen- hagenwhere he has been pursuing research Dietas faciles the Arctic in general, and Greenland in particular, since Marianne Lykke Thomsen has a background in Inuit studies and anthropology and has been living and working in Greenland in various capacities for close to 30 years.

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Prior to this, she worked with the Inuit Circumpolar Council on environmental issues and Traditional Knowledge. These are groups of less than 50, members, perpetuating some aspects of their traditional ways of life and inhabiting the Northern and Asian parts of the country. One more un sixth committee papersmart is actively pursuing recognition, which continues to be denied.

un sixth committee papersmart

To- gether, they number aboutindividuals, less than 0. Ethnic Russians account for 78 per cent. Other peo- ples, such as the five million Tatars, are not officially considered indige- nous peoples, while their self-identification varies. The latest official population figures from the national census do not provide disaggregated data on the socio-economic status of indige- nous peoples. Indigenous peoples are predominantly rural dwellers, while Russia on the whole is a highly urbanized country.

There is a multitude of regional, local and interregional indigenous organizations. I nthe conflict between Russia and Un sixth committee papersmart had repercussions for the in- digenous peoples of the North. With the annexation of Crimea, several peoples of the peninsula, self-identi- fying as indigenous, are now living under Russian control. The largest of these are the Crimean La buena dieta, who are Sunni Muslims and speak a language closely related to modern Turkish.

Two other groups, the Krymchaks and Karaim, num- un sixth committee papersmart several thousand each, are also Turkic-speaking; however, they adhere to the Karaite un sixth committee papersmart of Judaism. On 21 Adelgazar 10 kiloschanges to the Land Code of the Russian Federation were adopted by the State Duma, the Russian Parliament, which narrow un sixth committee papersmart ability of indigenous peoples to participate in decision-making regarding the allocation of land for construction of industrial facilities on their traditional settlements.

At the same time, changes to the Land and Urban Planning Codes have eased indus- trial expansion into the places of traditional residence and economic activities of the indigenous peoples of the North. Proposed draft laws concerning the regulation of traditional fishery and on Territories of Traditional Nature Use submitted to parliament by the Federal Gov- ernment in late and in also severely limit the rights of indigenous peoples.

The draft law on traditional fishery thus stipulates that indigenous peo- ples are granted fishing quotas for personal consumption only. The annual al- lowed volume of un sixth committee papersmart catch per person is set at 30 to kg, depending un sixth committee papersmart the region.

This is not even enough to meet the traditional dietary requirements. Sci- entific studies have shown that indigenous peoples annually consume between kg reindeer herders and kg of fish in regions where fish is the principal staple food and also used to feed dogs but these findings have not been taken into account.

Major revisions to one of the three framework bills on the rights of indigenous peoples have also been suggested. The draft revised bill on Territories of Tradi- tional Nature Use TTNU provides for the unilateral establishment of TTNU by the federal and regional governments without the participation of indigenous peo- ples in the choice of location of the TTNU, without the establishment of self-gov- ernment structures within the TTNU and without an environmental expert review of the project.

These aim to create favourable conditions for un sixth committee papersmart industrial investments into these areas at the cost of re- duced compliance with environmental regulations. In Septemberthe Ministry of Regional Affairs which oversaw indige- nous affairs was dissolved.

As a consequence, indigenous affairs and the man- agement of Arctic and Far Eastern territories has been split up. The Arctic has been reassigned to the Ministry of Economic Development while indigenous peo- ples are now under un sixth committee papersmart Ministry of Culture.

The socio-economic conditions of the indigenous peoples of Russia are heavily affected by the seizure of lands for industrial development, and the transfer of un sixth committee papersmart pastures, fishing and hunting areas into the control of commercial struc- tures in the regions. This is complemented by cuts in the federal budget for social services free education, health care, housing, etc.

However, during the period, representatives of ChAZTO had taken the floor during public hear- ings on proposed oil exploration and extraction in the continental shelf of Wrangel island in the Chukchi sea to express their concern at the potential negative im- un sixth committee papersmart on populations of marine mammals and polar bears and the traditional life- style of the indigenous peoples of Chukotka.

This might just have been enough un sixth committee papersmart trigger the above action by the authorities.

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The peoples which this new organization purports to represent, such as the Tatars, Udmurt, Bashkir and Chuvash, vastly outnumber theindig- enous Northerners, with the Tatars alone numbering over five million.

The un sixth committee papersmart sification of the Tatars un sixth committee papersmart other peoples as indigenous is controversial. While they are linguistically and culturally un sixth committee papersmart from the majority Russians and their languages and cultures are being marginalized by the Russian majority, their way of life does not differ significantly from the rest of the population. At the time of writing, the new association does not yet appear to have a website and has made a limited number of public pronouncements and actions.

Russian Federation. The preparations for the conference were marked by a divi- sion between the original national organizing committee, which had been formed inand a new organizing committee, set up by the RAIPON leadership, which was elected in One of the points of contention in the preparations for the conference was the demand for the high-level participation of indigenous representatives in the con- ference proceedings.

Russia was among the states most fiercely opposed to any high-level role of non-state actors in the WCIP. As Rodion Sulyandziga prepared to fly from Moscow to New York on 18 Sep- tember to attend the WCIP, he was not allowed to leave un sixth committee papersmart country on allegations of an invalid passport, and was therefore unable to attend the conference he had spent literally years helping to prepare.

The activists whose passports were suspected of having been invalidated by border police were furthermore charged with administrative offences, alleging that they themselves had cut the missing pages from their travel documents. Eventually, all charges were dropped in the wake of the protests and outrage that the events had sparked.

In Septembera group of indigenous activists from various regions gath- ered in Moscow un sixth committee papersmart consider their response to the changed un sixth committee papersmart environment and the dysfunctional state of RAIPON. The local indigenous people are the Izvatas, a subgroup of the Komi people, who despite their distinct language, culture and way of life are not recog- nized as indigenous by the Russian government.

Since recognition is withheld from them, they do not enjoy the limited legal protections that apply to other peoples, in particular with regard to consultation, consent and compensation for damage to their lands un sixth committee papersmart resources.

Un sixth committee papersmart corpo- rate misconduct on the side of LUKOil-Komi is nothing new, a culmination of inci- dents in sparked an unprecedented wave of caseros dolor oido en adultos remedios de. Incidents included unannounced pipeline construction, cover-ups and disastrous mismanagement of oil spills, the erection of oil rigs in the immediate vicinity of villages, unlicensed exploration works and the use of particularly harmful drilling techniques where tailings are disposed of in open mud pits that often leak into the environment.

In Februaryinhabitants of Krasnobor village in Izhma district discovered sev- eral oil rigs had been deployed right on the edge of the village. The construction had commenced without agreement and without notice to the local inhabitants or the administration. On 3 April, more than attendees gathered in the culture house of Krasnobor village, representing 12 settlements.

On 11 April, the Izhma district council voted unanimously to support this move. Unsurprisingly, the company failed to respect either resolution. Greenpeace and Another conflict hotspot in was the South Siberian coal mining region in Kemerovo oblast. Here, several villages, predominantly un sixth committee papersmart by Un sixth committee papersmart, a Siberian Turkic indigenous group, are under intense pressure from open cast coal mining, which has been consuming their ancestral territory for many years.

Inthe long-standing conflict around the village of Kazas culminated in the all- out destruction of the village, which is entirely surrounded by mining concessions. Those inhabitants who refused to sell their houses have seen them burnt down in nightly arsons. The former villagers are now scattered un sixth committee papersmart the city and other settlements. They have received neither adequate un sixth committee papersmart compensation nor suitable resettlement land.

Some are reported homeless. The mining company is operating an armed checkpoint which prevents the inhabitants from reaching their village and their cemetery. The nearby sacred mountain of Karagai-Nash has been destroyed by mining operations.

Inhabitants of neighbouring Chuvashka village fear that their community may be next in line for removal. A major issue of contention were plans announced by the Federal Government to create a national park along the Bikin river in Primorsky Krai in the Remedio caseiro para o East.

The Bikin valley is the ancestral territory of the Udege people and, at the same time, the home of the Siberian tiger, whose protection is an issue un sixth committee papersmart national prestige for Russia. The indigenous peoples of Russia have abundant negative experi- ences with the creation of national parks, as these are usually run by state au- thorities with very little or no regard to indigenous rights and customs.

The Un sixth committee papersmart have for many years been demanding the establishment of a Territory of Tradi- tional Nature Use TTNU within their territory, which would ensure that their right to participation in decision-making is respected. Their response to the plans for a national park were therefore overwhelmingly negative.

Protest rallies were held in the main village of Krasny Yar. The CRC had received information from civil society organizations during the un sixth committee papersmart held inwhere among others, one submission on the situation of indigenous children had been presented.

The concluding observations were adopted un sixth committee papersmart 25 February In latethe then UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, together with the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights, had jointly submitted an allegation letter to the Russian government regarding economic discrimination against indigenous peoples in the case of Dylacha, an indigenous obschina cooperative.

The cooperative had been one of the oldest and most successful of its Adelgazar 72 kilos in Russia until it was raided and forcibly closed by the authorities see The Indigenous Worldvirtually ripping out the eco- nomic backbone of the indigenous Evenk community of Buryatia. In MayRussia responded to the allegations. Russia therefore implicitly confirmed the gist of the allegation of economic discrimination against indigenous peoples, namely that indigenous peoples in Russia are not free un sixth committee papersmart determine their own path of eco- nomic development.

For details, see I. In Canada, the Inuit number 60, people, or 4. The Nunatsiavut government, created inis the only ethnic-style government to be formed among the four Inuit regions to date. The Agreement covers 72, square kilometres of land, in- cluding 15, square kilometres of Inuit owned land. It represents all Nunavut citizens. The second land claim Agreement, which ap- plies to the offshore region around Quebec, Dietas faciles Labrador and offshore northern Labrador, came into effect un sixth committee papersmart 10 July The Nunavik area coverssquare kilometres, which is one-third of the province of Quebec.

Makivik Corporation was created to administer the James Bay Agreement and represent Inuit beneficiaries. Nunavik is working to develop un sixth committee papersmart regional government for the region. The Inuvialuit land claim celebrated its 30th anniversary on un sixth committee papersmart June The Inuvialuit Final Agreement IFA is a Constitutionally-protected Agree- ment covering 91, square kilometres in un sixth committee papersmart Northwest Territories, includ- ing 13, square kilometres with subsurface rights to oil, gas and minerals.

The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation IRC 1 represents collective Inuvialuit interests in dealings with governments and industry, with the goal of improv- ing the economic, social and cultural well-being of its beneficiaries, and protecting and preserving Arctic wildlife, environment and biological produc- tivity.

The Inuvialuit are negotiating for self-government. Inuit from Greenland, Canada, Alaska and Russia gathered for a week, as outlined in greater detail in the report from the Inuvialuit Settlement Region below. In particular, the report concluded that the Indigenous Community Exception has not been designed and applied in a manner that meets the requirements of Article XX of the GATT, namely, that such measures must not be applied in a manner which would constitute a means of arbitrary or unjustifiable discrimination between countries where the same conditions prevail.

The Joint Statement envisions that an expert group representing both sides will work expeditiously towards es- tablishing the administrative arrangements required to enable access to the Eu- ropean Union on the part of seal products from Canadian indigenous communi- ties.

Much work remains to make un sixth committee papersmart document a living reality. At the national level, Inuit Adelgazar 50 kilos Kanatami ITKthe national Inuit or- ganization, participated in the annual Council of the Federations meeting with premiers of the 13 Canadian provinces and territories. Held in Charlottetown in late Augusta consensus emerged to hold a National Roundtable on the issue of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Un sixth committee papersmart in early The Report of the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, Mr.

Inuit met with Mr. Anaya when he visited Canada in and discussed the critical issue of social housing. In his report, Mr. Anaya addressed this issue head on. The report states:.

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The housing crisis has been identified by Inuit representatives as a high pri- ority issue. It is worth noting that the chronic housing shortage has a severe negative effect on a wide variety of economic and social conditions.

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The Committee continued its consideration of agenda item The representative of the Syrian Arab Republic spoke in explanation of position after the adoption of the draft resolution.

The Committee received a report on the results Adelgazar 40 kilos the informal consultations. The Committee authorized its Chair to send a letter to the President of the General Assembly with a request that it be brought to the attention of the Chair of the Fifth Committee and circulated as a document of the General Assembly.

un sixth committee papersmart

The representatives of the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic spoke in explanation of position after the adoption of the draft resolution.

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